“I Can Only Give French Haircuts” mini-mix

To be honest, I knew that it was out there when I made this mix.

When I was asked to DJ an event to celebrate The Clyfford Still Museum’s boldest exhibition yet, Repeat/Recreate, I knew that I wanted to create a piece of immersive art as well.

So, follow me on this – you’re in the halls of the museum, chatting up someone, wine in hand, tapping your toe to a song you think you’ve heard before… the same bit repeats and you don’t notice at first. At some point, though, you recognize that not only is this repeating, but it’s been repeating for some time – that you’re on a trip and already down the road before you notice the wheels moving. All of this sound slowly descends into ambient noise but with some connection to the pop song you were just listening to.

You look around the museum – the paintings are massive scale repeats of one another. Your visual and aural sense are immersed in repetition with only subtle changes. When will this sensation ever occur again? Will it breed magic? Will the reintroduction of pop music into the set whack you across the skull?

In the end, when this Friday comes and I DJ diSTILLed: Seeing Double – I’ll probably cut out the middle 7 minutes of this mix. -Tyler

I Can Only Give French Haircuts (A brief mix based on the theme “Repeat/Recreate”) by Tyler Jacobson on Mixcloud

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