#DeleteFacebook: Resources to understanding what Facebook knows


Wait, wait, why are we even talking about deleting Facebook?

Because one of Trump’s (and Cruze’s) digital teams breached the privacy of up to 50 mill. people via Facebook. (Washington Post)

Is there a good case for deleting Facebook?

A writer at Techcrunch seems to think so and explains how he’s doing it. (TechCrunch)

What if I just want to tighten up who can see the information of me and my friends on Facebook?

Here’s a guide to doing just that. (eff.org)

What does Facebook know (or think they know) about me?

Surprisingly, they are somewhat transparent about that. Get ready to be amazed (and or scared). (hackernoon)

If everyone is getting off of Facebook, how am I supposed to market my business?

1) Everyone isn’t getting off of Facebook. Since there’s no place to go, I’m feeling pretty confident that they’ll be sticking around for a minute. 2) But you should prepare. Eventually the game will change. Make sure you’re building an email list – and not just so you can email people. Need help with next steps? Contact me.

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